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- writer and editor
- design strategist
- onscreen talent
- visual artist


Jikka Defiño

She has more than a decade of professional experience in multimedia, working as a writer, strategist, commercial model, TV and events announcer, and impasto painter based in Manila. Thus, she perceives work through the perspectives of clients, suppliers, media, and agencies.

Passionate about telling stories, Jikka is an efficient generalist—owing to her track record of specialist training in each field. She is successful across all her chosen fields.


A rundown of my current affiliations and work experience is here.

It took me a while to embrace being all these too.

More of my work samples and clients in the categories below.

Jikka Defino-Main Photo_edited.jpg

Here's a compilation of nouns, verbs, and the stories they become. I've written and edited for some of the Philippines' top lifestyle publishers.

Words by Jikka - thumb.jpg

Others write the story, I bring them to life onstage and onscreen. Here is my commercial modeling and TV and event announcer portfolio.

as a design strategist

I work on communications strategies, from capturing leads to designing visuals that match the goal and fit in the customer journey.


Stories come in shapes and other visual forms. I paint iwith acrylics and mixed medium to create impasto art. Here are some of my paintings.

Paitings by Jikka - thumb_edited.jpg

Email enquiries, invites, commissions, and miscellaneous mail here:

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