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Communications Strategist

Visual Artist

Occasionally Onscreen

Hello! My name is Jikka.

My experience spans management and creative roles in marketing and communications:
from end-to-end coordination of campaigns to writing and editing articles.

I currently work full-time in marketing, creating strategies for brand awareness and lead conversion.

I have also registered a creative sole proprietorship that allows me to moonlight as a features writer, TV announcer, commercial model, and visual artist specializing in acrylic impasto paintings.

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Writing Portfolio - Jikka Defino

Features & Listicles

My strongest assignments are about social issues and profile features.

I pitch stories that aim to inform, shake the table, and empower. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 7.55.19 PM.png
Profiling / Cover Story
Frankie Speaking

With a strong spirit and a penchant for the profound, she will surely be heard.

A play on the phrase "frankly speaking," this is Frankie Pangilinan (now known as "Kakie")'s first magazine cover story.

Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 7.09.48 PM.png
Social / Culture
American Dream on Lockdown

Land of opportunity? Not when racist laws prevent you from arriving in the first place.

This thinkpiece questions the concept of "the land of the free" by highlighting Trump's racist travel bans on Muslim countries in 2017.

Screen Shot 2023-05-20 at 8.01.39 PM.png
Listicle / Review
The Book Sail

All aboard the reading list! We've got books for your short travels and staycations.

A spoiler-free short read, this is a travel-themed collection of books reviewed with notes on the length and reading experience. 

Reports & News Releases

HOT Philippines March 2021 PhilAWARE Jikka Defino.jpg
Non-Government Organizaton
PhilAWARE: Field Mapping Completion and Presentation to Stakeholders

HOT PH team completes the required field work for the PhilAWARE project, presents output maps to stakeholders

JLL Philippines REMO Q1 2022 Jikka Defino.jpg
Real Estate Advisory
Economic recovery, supply pressure to impact Philippines' real estate market

Economic headwinds are still present in the backdrop, but there is some optimism in the market for the remainder of 2023

HOT Philippines Sep 2020 Jikka Defino.jpg
Non-Government Organizaton
Philippines Completes Remote Mapping and Validation for Pampanga

In September 2020, the HOT-PH mapping team finished remote mapping and validation for the whole of Pampanga

Native Advertising

Native ads, or advertorials, are client-sponsored articles. These stories are created by matching the brand placement with a publication's top-performing topics found through Google Analytics. As a native editor, I did less writing and instead, created slants, assigned to writers, copyedited, and published articles.



Beauty / Skincare
How To Shorten Your Nighttime Skincare Routine To 10 Minutes



Home / Lifestyle
The Surprising Benefits of Living Alone If You're Single in Your 30s



Lifestyle / Entertainment
Holiday 2018: What To Do, Buy, and Eat at Solaire This Month
Art Portfolio - Jikka Defino


UX UI.png

Web Design

I design websites for desktop viewing and optimize them for mobile use. I prefer beginning with a single scrollable page to make adjusting for mobile responsiveness easier.

The examples here are STAIL.PH (2018-2020, Philippines' version of STAIL.MY) and My Pope PH (2017-2020).

Primers & Brochures

The example here is a print-out designed to be distributed to the Association of Communication Major (ACOMM)'s prospective members in Recruitment Week 2014.

The design is interactive: a foldable one-pager with a quiz and basic information about the flagship projects planned by the Executive Board for the year, as well as the roles of the organization's departments.

It is also cost-efficient compared to booklet-type prints.

projects primer.png

Advertising Campaigns

One of my first stints in the media industry was in advertising—managing creative communications for FMCG brands. Together with a team of creatives, we pitched stories and strategies to clients.

Here are some of our most memorable projects:

Beautiful Stories

Pond's overhauls its branding by featuring stories of self-care and determination from the country's most popular celebrities. 

The intended message is to encourage everyone to take time to care for themselves to bring out their most beautiful selves.

By leveraging on the featured celebrities' fanbases, Pond's Philippines became the fastest-growing Pond's business

in the world in 2015.

Sinabon Mo Ngunit Kulang

Building on the success of the original TVC, our team made a follow-through pitch to Eskinol for an interactive online campaign.

Dubsmash was a popular app in 2015. Our team uploaded a soundbite of the TVC's popular line "Sinabon Ko Naman! Ayaw Kuminis!" which users can dub to. We held a weekly Dubsmash contest for uploaded videos. The winning audience videos were included in a "People's Cut" version of the TVC released online.

great hair instawin.jpeg
Unilever - All Things Hair
Great Hair Instawin

Unilever's Great Hair Instawin is the first campaign I worked on end-to-end—from pitch, storyboard creation, pre-prod, casting, shoot, post-prod, ASC approval, and airing—as a management trainee in advertising. 

The campaign features Unilever Hair's raffle contest wherein participants get to win instant prizes by opening specially marked packs of hair products. Brands included in the campaign are Sunsilk, Dove, Clear, and Vaseline.

Production Coordination

I also coordinate, strategize, and sometimes edit for profiling assignments and documentaries.

OpenStreetMap Philippines

Narrative facilitation and shoot supervision for a profiling video on the work of mapping communities in OSM-Philippines.

Produced by Amazon Web Services and M2Comms.

JLL Philippines:
Who We Are, What We Do 

Script writing, talent selection, and shoot supervision for a brand video detailing the company's service offerings for clients and corporate culture.

Produced by Black Mammoth PV.

Acting Portfolio - Jikka Defino



Height: 5'3.7" (162 cm)

Eye color: Dark brown

Hair color (current): Black

Shoes: US 6


Dress: US 2-6

BWH (inches): 36-26-36


Abstract and figurative impasto paintings. Accepting commissions.


To view available pieces, visit my art Instagram:

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