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Rewind. Hello.

Hello. You might be wondering why there's a new blog here. For starters, I am also compelled to explain why this exists.

Last month, I went drinking with an officemate in a pub near the office. We were talking about how since he worked in sales, his clients probably googled him before they arranged meetings. Anyway, a few bottles in, he googled my name just for fun.

Pretend you can hear me. This is the part where I switch to a voiceover: 1980s infomercial style.


  1. There's my LinkedIn (ok),

  2. My portfolio website (at least I know the SEO works),

  3. Links to other social media like Instagram (now private—I receive requests to send foot pics from people who stalked me back in my modeling days), YouTube (which I no longer update),

  4. A feature on a men's portal (owned by a huge modeling/artist agency...and I had no clue it even existed?? I didn't even consent to this? I wonder if the pervert who wrote this eats three times a day, and if he received enough love from his family growing up),

  5. Old blogs from high school and college (I found three—all chaos and sAdgiRL™ era poetry)

I'm surprised these were the top search results. I was mortified. I thought to myself:

  • "I wonder how many people actually googled me before."

  • "Damn, people actually saw my sAdgiRL™ era poetry?"

  • "Oh so this is what recruiters see when they google my name."

horrified cat meme
My reputation precedes me. Hahaha

So, a couple of days ago (and in a bid to minimize my online footprint), I decided to hunt for my old blogs and delete them from existence, Thanos-style.

But thereafter lies the problem: Now I find myself looking for a place to spill my thoughts.

You see, I am a woman in my late-20s, and while Facebook for the past decade has been a convenient place for me to write nonsense and think out loud, my social circle on that platform has grown so tremendously. I feel like I can't really say it all in the open. God forbid my bosses, colleagues, and maybe the motorcycle taxi rider who decided to add me as a Facebook friend see me complaining about double orders on Foodpanda or writing sAdgiRL™ poetry.

I immediately regretted deleting the blogs (despite exporting and backing up the posts on a document). I'm still an organized and sentimental bitch, after all.

So here we are. My little corner of the internet where I intend to go all out. I have absolutely no idea where to start, but this should suffice for now.

I will try to update this every two weeks so I can also keep my writing skills up to par. I've gone rusty as I only write news reports for work. If I'm being honest, I do miss writing casually and posting sAdgiRL™ poetry.

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